Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who's ready to Shake Rattle and Roll?!

You'd have had to be living in a cave, or possibly overseas, not to know about Christchurch's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. It was a big'un and we're still feeling the aftershocks today, and from what I hear we'll be feeling them for weeks to come.

This will be one of those events that will be indelibly etched into our minds for the rest of our lives - one of those "where were you when..." conversation pieces.

I thought it might be of interest to find out how Christchurch venues had feared after the big shake. Here's what I know so far...

El Santo - Remarkably has only one broken bottle. Business as usual at this great wee bar.

Wunderbar - Hard to get exact details but there is certainly some damage at this iconic bar. Word is the back bar will need to be rebuilt and this will take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. There is a Hold Fast Harbour fundraiser with The Eastern and friends being held at Loons to support the local rebuilding effort.

The Harbourlight - I haven't heard anything about this venue yet, but from the state of a couple of photos I've seen it doesn't look too good. 

POPLAR LANE: (all info here taken from GBMs website)
Goodbye Blue Monday - Thankfully GBM had earthquake strengthening put in when it was converted to a bar so despite all the brickwork it's got off relatively lightly. Lots of broken bottles but otherwise ok. Their FB page stating "All of our whiskey survived but I'm sorry to say the kahlua didn't make it". GBM is will hopefully open up next week - no business this weekend :o(. 

Vespa Room looks ok, hope to open on Friday.

The Twisted Hop looks ok

Mac’s and Mitchellis will survive

Bismark - the building can’t be inhabited at the moment

Dux de Lux - All ok, business as usual.  

Al's Bar - All ok, business as usual.

Cartel - Open for business as usual.

The Bedford - has postponed a gig so I'm assuming this is because of quake damage.  

Repertory Theatre - looks like good news for this lovely building. It seems the damage is not as bad as it looks and it will be restored. Yay! Check the details here.

The Empire (Lyttelton) - Not looking good for this lovely old building. Appears to be major cracks on photos I've seen. 

Liquidity, Le Plonk, and Mex Cafe - all either taken a hit or in the cordon so out of commission for the meantime.


Galaxy Records - is ok but has limited access and cannot open. 

Real Groovy - closed until further notice  

CJ's Musicworks  - This store is still in one piece with minimal damage to stock. Due to hazardous neighboring buildings and constant road closures it will be closed until Saturday at this stage. 

The Sitting Room Recording Studios - this building has just been condemned and they are moving out today. Word is they'll be back with new premises soon as they can.

I'll post more info as it comes to light.

Keep safe rockers!


  1. O dear.It seems to keep getting bigger,doesn't it?!
    Man,we are luck luck lucky chickens!

  2. Bugger Harbourlight looks like history... Sad

  3. I think Harbourlight all good now.