Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And life goes on and on

I can't stand media overexposure of any kind and I really think the quake, the shake, the thunder from down under or whatever else you want to call it has had more than it's fair share of media attention. So for my part I'm wasting no more time on it, in the hope that like a spoilt toddler the lack of attention will cause it to hush up and disappear. Hrrumph!

Oh... ahhm... except to say that both Goodbye Blue Monday and Galaxy Records opened their doors for the first time since 4-09. Yay!

Gigs this week include:

The Datsuns with Milk Train @ Al's Bar

Anthesiac with The Stash @ Dux de Lux
Riverblind @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Primary with Permanence @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Supermodel @ Dux de Lux  (Tickets available at
Hard Lee + special guests Arte Nomade @ El Santo

There are some mean gigs next week. Details coming soon....

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