Monday, September 27, 2010

The city of rock or ghost town?

The Pickups awesome poster

I've been terribly busy and with one excuse or another I haven't been able to get out to see any live music for ages. I've been feeling sooo l-a-m-e and out of the loop that in order to get some street cred back I went out last Friday and see The Pickups on their 'Finally... An Album Release Tour 2010' with support from The Steffan van Soest Hit Machine at Goodbye Blue Monday.

The most memorable thing about this gig - and is no reflection on either of the bands - was how quiet the bar was, and in fact all of town. Deadly quiet. I would've thought that with all the bars up and running in Poplar Lane it would be business as normal, but it seems punters are staying home in their droves. I suppose it's not that surprising as people are still getting their shit together after these earthquakes but I did feel a bit sorry for The Pickups because I think if this gig was a month ago they would've packed the place out.

Finally... The Pickups
The Hit Machine played a pretty long support slot and unfortunately weren't the slick unit they usually are. The Pickups on the other hand had some great tunes and were really tight. The only problem being that I got distracted catching up with friends outside and missed a rather large chunk of their set. Oops!
They are a great band who have released this long awaited album to great acclaim.

"A quality album that is both a work of traditional integrity and a shining example of delectably inquisitive guitar pop" - Steffan Reyners, Bandwagon, Wellington, June 2010

"...this album would fit nicely alongside any number of Flying Nun bands...The Pickups have delivered an album of raw jangle pop" - Michael Flynn, NZ Musician Magazine, June/July 2010

Get your copy at Worship the Owl Records.

What's on this week?

My pic of gigs this week is going to have to be Loafer with support from Lupus Lunar at The Dux on Thursday 30th. Apologies for the shameless self promotion, but at least I know it's a gig I'll get to! This is Loafer's first gig at the Dux and we'll be playing a full 55 minute set.  Miaaow!

Thursday 30th Sep
Loafer with Lupus lunar @ The Dux de Lux - FREE!
Holly Smith @ Al's Bar

Friday 1st Oct
Dictaphone Blues Questionier Tour with Unfaithful Ways @ GBM
Oktober Onslaught @ Al's Bar

Saturday 2nd Oct
The Monotonics with Sawdust @ El Santo
Hikoikoi with support from Pacific Underground @ Al's bar

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