Monday, October 4, 2010

Softly into the week I go...

Some weeks require more effort to get back into after the weekend than others. I don't know why, nor am I even going to bother to offer an explanation for my lack of enthusiasm for this particular Monday. I just simply 'could not be asked' today. Thankfully I discovered this lovely little video release from Wellington indie country folk outfit Jessie James and the Outlaws which has gone some way to smooth out the rough edges of today. Beautifully filmed, heaps of cute factor and it's in HD. Just what the doctor ordered.
Jessie Moss and Holly Beals

This band is touring around the country in November, playing The Harbourlight in Lyttelton. They are beautifully understated, and to directly rip off their Myspace page,  are ..."developing their own modern twist on 1970’s country, folk and psychedelic rock... create[ing] a sound that is familiar yet refreshing. Each member of the band, and the project’s production team have achieved critical acclaim over recent years, together creating a formidable force. This album will go a long way."
Totally agreed. Keep an eye out for them.

Jessie James and the Outlaws tour dates: 
Harbour Light Theatre on Fri 19th,
Goodbye Blue Monday Sat 20th Nov 

Albums in store on Monday 11th

Quake town is still VERY quiet

Lupus Lunar @ Dux September 30th
I was at the Dux on Thursday night to play with Loafer and was again surprised how dead town remains. It was a bit demoralizing to play to so few people but we had fun all the same. I really just wanted to mention how fabulous Lupus Lunar were. If you haven't seen them yet then you should find their next gig on their facebook page and head along. They describe themselves as 'facebook sluts' so you can be sure their page is up-to-date. Their demeanor and energy was as bubbly as their songs. They have wonderful happy tunes delivered by a very solid rhythm section, catchy melodies and sweet harmonies that will have you tapping your feet and humming along before you know it. GO SEE THEM - I can't say it enough.

Loafer @ Dux 30th September
Me and Grant enjoying Lupus Lunar... and refreshing beverages

What's on this week?

Thursday 7th October
The Cranks play "Pink Flag" by Wire @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Friday 8th October
A Hori Buzz @ Al's Bar 
Superturtle The Dialtones and Loafer @ El Santo
Sleepy Age @ 7pm New Media Club & 10pm @ GBM with Tim Moore
Alison Lake @ Dux de Lux
Johnny Possum @ Harbourlight

Saturday 9th October
GBH (UK), Sticky Filth @ Al's Bar
Magic Eye & T54 @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Annihilating Rythm @ El Santo
Gareth Thomas (Goodshirt) + Sarah Brown @ Dux de Lux


  1. Lupus Lunar are the business,but those chicks from Loafer are pretty hot!!LOL!

  2. Update on Jessie James and the Outlaws tour dates:

    Harbour Light Theatre on Fri 19th
    Goodbye Blue Monday Sat 20th Nov

    Albums in store on Monday 11th

  3. Oh nearly forgot... Helga! Mwah x! Yep, keeping you on the payroll missy!!