Monday, October 11, 2010

So what's in a band name?

Last Friday Superturtle graced our fair city playing out at El Santo with The Dialtones and Loafer. Superturtle are touring their second album 'About the Sun' and according to lead singer Darren McShane they are about 8 songs into their next album - Wow! I guess that's why this turtle is a super one. I meant to ask Darren how the name Superturtle came about, and I still will, but in the meantime it got me thinking about my interpretation of their name - and also band names in general.

Superturtle at El Santo
Superturtle's music was solid and steady  - somewhat like a turtle - and what made it 'super' for me was the beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks that gathered you up and took you for a ride at a pace you weren't necessarily expecting. Great musos and great songs. They were a fantastic band to see and word is that they'll be back touring their next album once it's completed. I'd expect them sooner rather than later if their current rate of production is anything to go by.

The Dialtones did a great support slot before Superturtle. The stand out song from them was their last one - a sonic, three part, down'n'dirty mostly instrumental number which was superbly delivered. (Sorry but I was so busy watching The Dialtones I forgot to photograph them.)

Aptly named Loafer loafin about outside El Santo.

Band Comp Catch-up
A few weeks ago I rather flippantly promised to keep you up-to-date with the many band comps around town. It completely slipped my mind so here's a quick catch up:

Rapid Storm Band Competition at Zebeedees has reached the grand final and will see Hillview in Black, Midnight in Motion, Highrise Highfall, Livewire, The Overture and Show us Salvation battling it out this Saturday. (Now there's some interesting band names!)

The Dux De Lux RoundUp Band Competition was postponed following the earthquake and has now been pushed back to November with the first heats now on Saturday - Sunday 6th / 7th November.

What's on this week?

Hera @ El Santo 
Coolies Record Release @ Media Club

Coolies Record Release @ El Santo
Disasteradio Album Release tour w Bang Bang Eche @ GBM

Pine @ Dux de Lux
The Transistors @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Golden Axe & Secrets by Crystal Magic @ El Santo
Bella Kalolo and The Soul Symphony @ Al's bar


  1. I totally loved Superturtle,they were freakin' awesome!! Fab tunes,and Darren reminded me of Fred Schneider(B-52's) with his vocal delivery style.I'm gagging to get their albums,and will be throwing my knickers at them next time they grace our town!
    I hadn't realised how great The Dialtones are!! I'm also won over by them!! Fleur is too cool.Wouldn't have minded if she sung into the mic a bit more,though!

  2. After note: Superturtle didn't pay anyone - not even the sound guy. Shame on you Superturtle. That's taken the shine outta that gig for me.