Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gap fillers and Round Ups

Some innovative Christchurch folk have come up with a great idea to utilise some of the gaps created by the September quake. The rather euphemistic term 'gap' describing the now vacant sections where buildings have been demolished. One such space is that which the South of the Border restaurant used to occupy near the corner of Salisbury and Colombo Streets.

Gap Filler - the creative vision. Photo courtesy Gap Filler web site.
South of the Border just prior to its demolition. Photo courtesy Sarah Ripen - Stuff.

In the words of the Gap Filler creators "Gap Filler aims to temporarily activate vacant sites within the central city with creative projects, to make for a more interesting, dynamic and vibrant central city.

Gap Filler will see vacant sites - awaiting redevelopment as a result of the September 4 earthquake or otherwise - utilised for temporary, creative, people-centred purposes. Examples include: garden cafés, outdoor cinema, live music, dance on a temporary dance floor and other creative responses to sites by local artists."

I think this is a bloody fantastic idea. Show your support by attending the gigs that Gap Filler has lined up. Just check out their website or their facebook page for updates. Opening this Thursday 25 November with music from Ed Muzik and superb little 3 piece Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers pictured above.

What's on this week?
Gap Filler 
2pm - Cello duo My Checkered Career Music
9pm - Film screening - Christchurch filmmaker Zoë Roland's Myth, Memory & Melodrama, packed with heritage footage of old Christchurch! (Runtime 27 minutes)
Stomping Nick's Album Release Party @ El Santo

RDU Roundup GRAND FINAL @ The Dux 
Grand Final set times!
8-8:30pm - Sandfly Bay
8:45-9:15pm - Valdera
9:30-10pm - The Guest
10:15-10:45 - Mmdelai 
11-11:30 - Lupus Lunar

If you've been watching you'll notice I've successfully predicted 3 of the finalists. Without knowing how all the bands will go on Saturday night I think Lupus Lunar will be hard to beat. LOVE that band! The Roundup grand finals are always a amazing showdown of bands playing their hearts out - and I for one LOVE that! I'll be there with bells on. I'm not even gonna post what else is on in town cos I don't think it'll matter, well not to me anyway.

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  1. Wacko! Hopefully we'll be filling that gap satisfactorilly(sp?!) on Friday for a bit!
    oo,and lets go see Lupus Lunar cream the opposition on Saturday!!!