Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summer cutey tooties

Summer, my favourite month, is here! Ok, if you a complete stickler you'll know it's not 'official' until December 1st, but I tend to go on how warm I feel. And since I've been feeling warm all this week I believe Summer is here. Further proof is that my garden is cranking out some lovely goodies at the moment. Spinach, lettuce, celery, broccoli and spring onions are all there for the taking. I'm gonna have to wait a couple of weeks for the snowpeas but it'll be worth it.
The main garden

Snowpeas, nearly ready.

Summer always makes me think about the type of music I enjoy over this season. Strangely I don't feel the same way about particular musical themes for the other seasons, mmm I digress. My sounds of summer include guitars playing under trees, music pumping in the garden and sounds that don't distract too much from the important things like beer drinking. Actually anything with a general happy and exhuberant vibe about it works for me. Oh and cute. Don't know why but cute seems important. And speaking of cute, whilst searching for a nice little summer tune I found this wee cutie which fits perfectly into my summer soundscape.

What's on this week? HEAPS!

Dukes supported by The Unfaithful Ways (LOVE this band) @ Al's Bar
HaYne go to Teletubbyland w/ Needless Cane & Dakota's Fanny @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Jessie James and the Outlaws 'Price of Gum' album release @ Harbourlight Theatre
Phoenix Foundation with support Dear Times Waste @ Al's bar
Delaney Davidson with special guest Bad bad Evil @ El Santo
Von Klap Skanky Party @ Goodbye Blue Monday

3rd semi final of Roundup feat. 5th Day of May, Three Blind Mice, Sandfly Bay, Spacecake @ Dux 

El Santo's 1st birthday party with The Eastern, Stompin Nick, Bad Evil, Bruce Russsel T54, Sexy animals and more!!! @ El Santo
Jessie James and the Outlaws 'Price of Gum' album release @ GBM
4th semi final of Roundup feat. Duchess Swift, Laon, Mmdelai, Von Voin Strum @ Dux
Fat Sally @ Al's Bar 

Chris Gudu and Band (Afro jazz) @ Al's Bar

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  1. Cute?! CUTE!? hahahaha.Nah,I know what you mean!
    Don't want anything distracting from the all important booze drinking.