Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ya gotta know when to hold 'em know when ta fold 'em...

As the great Kenny Rogers says, if you're a gambler "ya gotta know when to walk away and know when to run...." I'm not much of a gambler myself and therefore have little need to know when to walk away or when to run, but I have been doing ok with my bets in the RDU Roundup comp this year. It's true I'm only betting against myself, and now that I actually think about it, with nothing to lose I think that is absolutely NOT gambling... Mmmm... this train of thought is completely destroying my gambling theme for this blog.  Ah whatever... any excuse to play some Kenny Rogers AND The Muppets! Yay Kenny! Yay Muppets!

Anyways so far in this non-gambling game I've successfully picked Lupus Lunar and Sandfly Bay to get through to the semi's so now that all the Semi's are sorted who's my (monopoly) money on for the final?

These are the Semi final line-ups:

Semi Final 1 – Thursday 11th November, 8.15-11pm
8:15 Gearloose
9:00 Lupus Lunar
9:45 Coate
10:30 Bad Mouth

Semi Final 2 – Friday 12th November, 8.15-11pm
8:15 Valdera
9:00 The Guest
9:45 Masters Of Our Universe
10:30 Madfaces

Semi Final 3 – Friday 19th November, 8.15-11pm
8:15 5th Day of May
9:00 Three Blind Monkeys (formally The Sam & Eric Show)
9:45 Sandfly Bay
10:30 Spacecake

Semi Final 4 – Saturday 20th November, 8.15-11pm
8:15 Duchess Swift
9:00 Laon
9:45 Mmdelai
10:30 Von Voin Strum

My picks for the final are:
Semi final 1 - Lupus Lunar;
Semi final 2 - Valdera,
Semi final 3 - Sandfly Bay,
Semi final 4 - Von Voin Strum.

And what would I know? Fuck all. This isn't exactly an educated guess, in fact it's mostly just that second part - guess. Is your guess as good as mine? Only time will tell.


  1. Lupus fecking Lunar!!! They rock! They'll be the winners,mark my words!

  2. Indeed they are they took out their semi final on Thursday night. I'm picking them to go all the way.