Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

For me 2010 was romped along at a startling pace and I find it hard to believe it's nearly over. I didn't really want to write a retrospective of the year but I have posted the video of The Eastern for good reason. This wonderful band has made a big, albeit unwitting, impact on my 2010, and as it turns out the rest of my life. Oh yeah that's some DEEP sh*t right there my friends.

Back in June I had an idea to put together a charity gig to help raise funds for the City Mission. I'd contacted a few people and wasn't really getting anywhere until The Eastern signed up in full force - banjos, mandolins, bells and all. Their enthusiasm buoyed me along until other bands and sponsors followed suit and within a very short space of time I found I had a proper event to manage. 'Can Out' was the first event/gig I'd managed and although it was thrown together in a hurry it was a great success. We collected hundreds of cans for the City Mission and had an absolute rip-snorter of a night.

I think the amazing vibe of that evening will stay with me for ever. During 'Can Out' I discovered that I really enjoyed managing events and with the redundancy of my graphic design job staring me in the face it seemed the time was right to change my career. So that's what I did. Now I'm working as an Events and Communications Coordinator and I put this change in my life down to one band saying 'yes' to a simple idea and following it through with full force like only The Eastern could. Their guts, their hearts and their passion for what's right has inspired me and I truly thank them for that.

Right, 'nuf said.

2010 is coming to a close and I hope you all have a great New Years Eve. Mine will be enjoyed romping round with friends and whanau out in the back blocks of Okuku. Bye bye 2010 HELLO 2011!

What's on this week?

Friday 31st Dec
The Ghost of The Grand Saloon with special guest Stompin Nick @ El Santo
Supercharger @ The Dux
DJ Tony Dizzle @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Salmonella Dub Live with DJ Digital (UK) @ The Bedford

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  1. You totally rock,Nix!You've had an amazing year an should be bloody proud!
    The Eastern are soooooo awesome!