Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sounds Abound

January is here and with it comes a heap of musos on tour for various gigs around the country. The Big Day Out and Fly My Pretties are a couple that spring to mind. It's been a long (long) time since I last made it to a Big Day Out, and realistically I don't think I'll make it to another.  Back in 1996 I sold my 1962 Morris Mini for $300 to go to the BDO. The thing I remember most about the concert is that every second girl seemed to have blue or green hair that they'd dyed with food colouring and after a torrential change in the weather there were blue and green 'smurfs' everywhere as their hair colour leaked out and the green grass turned into brown muck. I can't remember a lot of the bands but I vividly remember Elastica and Tricky.

I'm a horder of all sorts of bits and bobs and it turns out that I still have the timetable I ripped out of the Auckland Herald and my ticket. Back then it was $62.50 and that seemed like a lot of money so I guess it's probably about the equivalent of today's ticket price of $158.
The timetable and map from The Herald January 19th 1996
The ticket
The 1962 mini I sold to get to 1996 BDO.

I'm happy to say that one of my favourite Christchurch bands The Unfaithful Ways are playing this year, but to be honest I'm not all that enthused about this years international acts, mmm that may be in part to my sheer ignorance (or my age) but I don't seem to know many of them. Shame. And the ones I do know... yawn.

Anyhow Fly My Pretties are back in town and playing out at Pegasus Bay Winery at Waipara on the 15th. I'm sure that'll be sweet. I saw FMP's slick third production in June last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's some other great gigs in town this week - EP releases from T54 and Second Gear Grind and English band Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are playing at Al's - so get ya gladrags on and get amongst it!

What's on this week? 

Evening Empire, Weaponized, Lupus Lunar, Secondi & Raukus Methods (Nelson) @ Al's Bar
Slammin Bitches @ Dux
Orchestra of Spheres @ El Santo
Gypsy Fever Summer Tour feat. Niko Ne Zna & DJ Balkanetic @ Harbourlight

FRIDAY 14th Jan
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis @ Al's (Sold out)
Delaney Davidson, The Mysterious Tapeman introducing Zeno Tornado @ El Santo
Oakley Grenell Duo, 11pm Supership @ Fat Eddies
The Micheal Gordon Trio Experience @ Wunderbar


Fly My Pretties @ Pegasus Bay Winery, Waipara
Steriogram Moving On Tour @ Al's Bar 
T54 - Drone Attacks EP Release with Magic Eye and The Guest @ El Santo
Second Gear Grind Grayscale EP Release with Soulseller @ Dux
Another great poster from El Santo

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