Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You squirmed your way into my heart

Apologies to all the blog purists out there but I'm feeling VERY lazy tonight so I gotta whole lotta 'copy and paste' goin on. I just wanted to quickly let you know about the upcoming documentary release (trailer above) called 'Gone with the Weird' featuring one of my favourite Christchurch bands Squirm.

Squirm outside Hex Central

"Squirm were a New Zealand alternative rock group based in Christchurch New Zealand. The band played from 1991–1997 and released 2 albums and one 6 track ep.


* 1994 - Whip Me Honey CDEP - 6 tracks - Failsafe Records
* 1995 - Mastermistakemaker - Album - Failsafe Records
* 1996 - Spastic Sarcastic - Album - Noseflute Records


The band line up centered around

* Brett Lupton (Virgil Reality) - Guitar and Vocals
* Michael Brassell (Mike Hex) - Guitar and Vocals

and Drummers

* 1991 - 1994 Hat Myer
* 1994 - 1995 - (Darryl Kirk) Lawrence O'blivion
* 1995 - 1998 Pete Mitchell

and later bassist Vaughn Watson.

The band didn't officially split but members went off to do their own thing, Notably Michael Brassell's Hiss Explosion featuring Pete Mitchell on drums which released a couple of albums, and his other side project whitey Hiss which also had releases. Michael Brassell died of complications arising from pneumonia in February 2004."

[Thanks Wiki!]

Gone with the Weird is a documentary by Simon Ogston about Christchurch's much loved 'progressive art punk glam rock band' Squirm. (Check out the link for a great article about the doco on CHART by Vicki Anderson. This much anticipated documentary premieres at Al's Bar on Thursday night. Not only will you get to see a great documentary but both Permanence and, of course, Squirm are playing. I believe the run sheet for the night goes something like this:  
Permanence 8.30pm, Documentary 9.30pm, Squirm 10.30pm. 
Cost $10.

Sounds like a great way to spend a Thursday night.

I'll post some other events for the rest of the week later on.

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