Monday, February 7, 2011

Hang Ten - Surfing USSR are back in town! Yoowwee!

I love it when something great you haven't seen for a while turns up unexpectedly. So I'm very happy to hear that Surfing USSR are playing at El Santo this week.

The Surferdelic EP was released in 2000
Surfing USSR were (are?) a Christchurch group formed about 1999 who played "instrumental surf tunes based on melodies from traditional Jewish klezmer music and eastern European folk tunes" (so says the band website). The band - Greg Malcolm (guitar), Marc Howe (bass), and Matt Gibb (drums) had a good following of loyal fans and haven't to my knowledge been seen around this neck of the woods for a while - what a great treat! (It's usually about now that I find out they play regularly and I just haven't noticed! Eeeeh...Cest la vie.)

Delaney Davidson's awesome Self Decapitation poster
I heard a track from local fella Delaney Davidson on the radio today which reminded me how much I like him, and that I need to get more of his music in my collection. So here's his lovely Homeward Bound tune for you to enjoy. He regularly plays at El Santo - well worth a trip through the tunnel I say. There's also a great article about him in the Philadelphia Examiner that's worth a looksee too.

AND this just in...
Singer / songwriter/ guitarist / turntabilist / producer Mara TK is in town playing a solo set  at  - you guessed it - El Santo on Thursday night. If you're into soulful vocals then this is a gig not to miss. Mara currently plays with Electric Wire Hustle, Fly my Pretties, and has featured on Julien Dyne and Benny Tones' albums amongst others.
He's a great songwriter and all-round super dude, go check him out on Thursday night.

Nix picks for what's on this week

Wednesday 9 February
The Eastern @ The Wunderbar  

Thursday 10 February
Mara TK @ El Santo
Folk & Blues Night with special guests Farrago (UK), Al Parks @ Al's Bar
Canterbury Rams @ The Dux
Psymon Barnet @ Goodbye Blue Monday
Plum Green "The Red" EP Release @ The Wunderbar

Friday 11 February
Surfing USSR with guests @ El Santo
Masters of Our Universe @ Goodbye Blue Monday

Saturday 12 February
Oxfest, Dance Asthmatics, Palace Of Wisdom, The Stefan Van Soest Hit Machine @ El Santo
Jess Chambers + Marlon Williams @ Goodbye Blue Monday
The Weight @ Cartel


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  1. I was just saying to Jeff that there's always good shit on when we're outta town doing other good shit!POO.