Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You render me speechless... not

Seeing bands play at a party is always a real novelty. Sometimes a good one. Sometimes not so good. But always memorable. If I put my muso hat on for a second I'd say people's houses are hands-down a more favourable place to play. There's just a different vibe. It's more like playing in the band room, with the added bonus of having guests to egg you on.

Local legends The Renderers are playing at Goodbye Blue Monday this week, which sent me on a You Tube search where I found this great wee clip of them playing a party.

I love this band and wish I got to see them more than I do. I adore them for their country psychedelic rock, their laid back attitude, but most of all I love that their front person is a chick...  AND she's freakin awesome! I do have a bit of a thing for chicks in bands - well, who doesn't?! But it's a particular joy to watch someone so confident and at ease with her music. Not that The Renderers are all about Mary-rose, not at all, but she's the highlight for me. If you're looking for some sweet sounds to check out on Saturday night then head along to Goodbye Blue Monday - it's a sure thing.

Nix Pix:
Heaps to choose from this week.  I have my suspicions that there were cheap flights from the US to NZ recently cos there's three US bands in town this week - Ocean Floor, The Melvins and Queens of the Stone Age. Also some great NZ and local bands too.

Thursday 17 Feb
Secondi, Von Voin Strum @ Dux 
'Touch My Toga' - Yolanda Be Cool, Dick Johnson, MayaVanya, Supermodel more @ Orientation

Friday 18 Feb
I Am The Light w/ The Willow Page & The Gentlys @ GBM
Mustard @ Dux
Nudge! with special guest Dr Captain @ El Santo
Carnival For Carnivores, 2 Worlds, Awakened Inferno, Sekht @ Al's Bar 
Aaron From Cairo Knife Fight  @ Cartel 
Belushio @ Wunderbar 

Saturday 19 Feb
The Renderers @ Goodbye Blue Monday
NZeppelin @ Al's Bar
'New Noise' - Ruby Suns,Tommy Ill, Street Chant & The Guest @ Orientation
The Eastern + Dj Insomniac @ Cartel
Blue Blood, with support from Suede Arcade @ Dux
Curb @ El Santo

Sunday 20 Feb
Ocean Floor (Portland) with The Undercurrents & Paper Ghost (Wellington) @ Wunderbar

Monday 21 Feb
The Melvins (LA) and High On Fire @ Al's Bar

Thursday 24 Feb
Queens of the Stone Age (California) w Cairo Knife Fight @ Christchurch Town Hall

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  1. Maybe we can cruise down to Goodbye Blue Monday after praccie?? I'd love to see them.
    We heard the most appalling band at the Dux last night.fecking appalling.Poor bastards don't know what genre they want to be,so it was a bit of a mess.I wish I'd found out who it was so I can avoid them in future!