Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chin up Christchurch

I went to start finding some information about what's left of Christchurch's music venues and stumbled across this site
where they have done all the work for me. Some great info here and it seems to be up to date. So thanks NZ Musician for pulling that together.

After speaking with a couple of friends who work full-time as musos in this city it sounds like there's a heap of muso's with no where to play. Venues like the Hornby working Mens Club is now hosting some different bands to what it might be used to. On a similar note, The Eastern, the band with the big heart, are offering to play anywhere - just contact them and they'll bring the music. Superb. It's things like this that make us all feel a bit better about this wreck of a city we're living in. 

Chin up Chch. Keep on rockin. That's rockin' NOT quakin'. Ok? Ok.

Nix Pix:

I actually have no freakin clue about what could possibly be open to go and see, so I suggest having a few friends over with a crate and a few guitars. If, on the off chance, I find an event to see I'll let you know.

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