Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm picking up good vibrations

It's not news that Christchurch has suffered a horrific natural disaster, nor is it news that we Christchurch folk have had enough of the endless shaking, Mayor Bob's face everywhere, and the general sense of unease all around us. Those of us that got through February 22nd relatively unscathed are still counting our lucky stars - which is at least less depressing than counting the cracks in our walls. In some ways it doesn't matter what scale of destruction each of us has had to deal with because we are all feeling tired, grumpy, sad, and frightened to some degree. I believe most people, like me, have had enough and want to do some of the 'normal' things we were doing prior to Feb 22nd.

For me 'normal' means hanging out with my friends over a few quiet drinks, playing music with friends and/or going out to see bands with friends. The latter is bloody near impossible at present. With estimates of 80% of the CBD to be demolished there is simply nowhere for bands to play. Well... nowhere you would usually expect to see bands, especially indie/alt bands.

Manchester Street - CARYS MONTEATH/ The Press

I'm not known for my patience and I've been getting sick of having nowhere to go, so I've decided to try and put some gigs on to get some bands back doing what they love. The plan is very simple - find a venue and ask bands to play. So far I've had about 10 bands let me know they are keen and I'm starting to work through some venue ideas. It looks like I've got 4 serious contenders for a venue all of which have their pros and cons. Thankfully people are already getting used to the fact that you HAVE to travel more than you used to prior to Feb 22nd to do anything, so I'm hoping that a bit of extra travel won't put people off coming out for a good night. I'm also hoping I can swing some sort of subsidized travel if need be.

So... that's the bones of my idea. Oh and the gigs will be called GOOD VIBRATIONS. Coz it's cheesey and I like cheese! I'll post new developments as they come. I'm hoping to sign off on the venue by the end of this week and put the first gig on mid-late April.

Watch this space.

Nix Pix:

I have heard of a few gigs happening around the place, but very little (see below). There seems to be some good news in Lyttelton with the The Loons had been upgraded to a Yellow sticker and the Wunderbar talking of opening up in April - which is something.

Wednesday 23 March
Radius Kink Unplugged @ Silverback Cafe, 144 Cashmere Road

Thursday 24 March
MC Smooth & Dek Protektion @ The Venue-musicbar, Hornby

Friday 25 March
D'Sendantz Reggae The Venue-musicbar, Hornby

Saturday 26 March
Annual Fund Raiser for the SPCA @ The Nut Point Centre, 703 Old West Coast Road
MC Smooth & Dek Protektion @ The Venue-musicbar

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