Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where there's a will...

I've had quite an uplifting week, and this is due, in part, to seeing some key areas of Christchurch gather the momentum to move forward. I talked earlier in the week about the serious lack of venues in the city - and particularly in the CBD. It has been incredibly sad to hear that some of my favourite venues - all huge supporters of local music - will never reopen their doors.

It's a sad farewell to Goodbye Blue Monday who in it's relatively short life had become one of the best venues in town. The iconic Dux-de-lux will be out of action for some time, possibly years. Jeez I hope not though. There is a call for the Arts Centre to restore the Dux, and I hope they have some success here. Al's Bar is also going to be closed for some time - although word is that their buildng is ok, it's the neighbouring buildings that pose a threat. Either way it's yet another live music venue that's not around.

Where does that leave musos and music fans? In a bit of a quandry really, but solutions are coming to fill the silence. The Loons has opened its doors and The Wunderbar is getting builders in today so they should be opening soon - all of which is great news for Lyttelton folk.  Sadly El Santo is in worse shape and it might take a while for that to get on it's feet again. Um... Sorry digressing a bit there. There is also a raft of events that are thinking outside the square (excuse the pun)  and getting creative in where and what they can offer. Gap Filler is back with a fair in Church Square, there 's The Great Sumner picnic, family fairs on beaches - all sorts of things. The CHART website is always a great place to see what's happening around the place.

And for all my talk earlier this week - well, where there's a will there's a way, and 'will' has never been something I've been short of. I've set up a couple of gigs a called Good Vibrations. I'm hiring the Canterbury Bowling Club to host a couple of nights of indie music right in the heart of the city. The response from bands wanting to play has been fantastic so I can now confirm Saturday 9 April will be 'Good Vibrations #1'. Several bands have confirmed but I'll wait until everyone has signed off before I post the event with bands. (The video is a big hint.) Rest assured it's a tasty line up that will relieve the silent void we've had of late.

The Canterbury Bowling Club host of Good Vibrations

Nix Pix:

Saturday 26 March
Unfaithful Ways, Runaround Sue, Al Parks @ Marine Club, Lyttelton

Friday 1 April
Gerry & the Pacemakers @ Aurora Centre, Burnside

Saturday 2 April 
Quake Raiser Music Festival @ The Venue, Hornby

Friday 8 April
Quakefest 2011 @ Sammys and Refuel (Dunedin)

Saturday 9 April
Good Vibrations #1 @ Canterbury Bowling Club

Saturday 16 April
UCSA presents The Official Volunteer Thank You Concert @ Ilam fields

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  1. What would we do without a mover & shaker like yourself!! I gawp in admiration!!!